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Our Promise

You’ll learn to have a larger vision of yourself and the confidence and clarity to live with intention without settling for less.


Get breakthrough, take initiative, and live with intention.


You can overcome overwhelm and bust through obstacles.


Design your future and implement your plan.


See a larger vision of yourself beyond your circumstances.


Learn the true meaning of love; look through a new lens.


Awareness and alignment with clarity and transformation.


"The L.O.R.I. Factor is a great "how to" guide to find your way in life. I appreciate Lori's honesty, openness, and transparency. If you are seeking direction and looking for a way to transform your life, The LORI Factor will show you the way."

Les Brown

 “Lori is known as the Queen of Hope, but to me, Lori is the Reinvention Queen. Lori is on a mission to use her gifts, her passion, her story, and combine these with her wisdom and experience to share a powerful message of hope, inspiration, and resilience.”

Ene Obi

About Your Coach

Lori is an award-winning entrepreneur and bestselling author, freelance and travel writer. She is co-author in Cracking the Rich Code Volume 11 with Kevin Harrington ("Shark Tank"), Jim Britt, one of the world’s top 20 success coaches and is endorsed by Tony Robbins.

Her published articles appear in several publications including Ultimate Achievers Magazine, Rochester Woman Online Magazine, Business Sharks Magazine, and Wander With Wonder. Lori has been featured on the stages of Network of Influence, The Kim Jacobs Show, Conversations with Eric and Stephen and Bold Book of the Day.

Lori Bruton in a bown metallic long sleeved puffy shirt standing holding her book "The LORI Factor" smiling at the camera against a blurred indoor background


  • I have over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur.

  • I've invested over $500K into events, coaches, consulting, and personal development

  • I am the author of 4 books, and co-author of 3.

  • Speaking on stage resulted in a breakthrough experience where I broke off a toxic relationship.

  • Defining moments launched my journey of reinventing myself, knowing my true identity, and having a larger vision of myself and my life.

I am Lori Bruton, author of The LORI Factor, foreword by Les Brown. The LORI Factor is a unique process that helps you implement action steps that align with your goals and dreams and gives birth to your ideas as easy as ABC - ACHIEVE, BELIEVE, and CONCEIVE.

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